Entry #76

Project Vanguard Resumed

2014-06-28 09:00:01 by WCCC

I don't know if I state this nearly enough, but I get myself caught up in WAY too much shit. Honestly. I'm a man of many talents, coding, writing, decent enough at art, and I find myself preocuppied with just a couple tasks at a time, largely excluding IRL shit, so trying to pursue anything other than "the main project" is a luxury at best. Vanguard found itself lacking major fleshing on its action scenes, but I'm getting back into things with some restored confidence in my ability to convert to comic format, and am trying a couple of tools to get myself into the process easier, such as some of this awful, yet basic and to the point, storyboarding that is displayed below. Going from powerpoint slides that show prettymuch all of a subject to a trimmed comic version, or a slightly trimmed comic page is surprisingly practical, and have some increased confidence with the hostiles making a cameo after an uncomfortable amount of fleshed out interpretations and anatomical refining and practice, all of which were a frustrating and gradual effort that is reaching a "close enough" phase. Gonna try to work out the otherwise insanely brief "volume 0" into storyboarding, then basic comic, refined comic, shaded comic with fancy shit, and depending how exhausting or possible that proves may decide to widdle away at the bigger picture some later. Whoo.



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2016-08-24 21:14:38

hey, nice!

would you consider making a flash movie/game with WCCC?

WCCC responds:

It's an old news post, I admit. I tend to be tied up these days, but what did you have in mind? Purely out of curiosity.


2016-09-03 18:04:29

well... i would like to see a game where WCCC(you) would fight VS anti-clocks (ki1o, mr_artist, thdrk side, etc etc), and that he would collect clock-coins in order to get more powers/upgrades or something...

something like a platformer/fighting game...

otherwise, a simple flash interactive movie would do... with some ''click here for choice A, click there, for choice B, etc etc'', like in those ''choose your own adventure games'' that came out recently...

or even a clock-RPG game..
but it depends on your actionscript skills, and on your free time/desire...

i have many ideas, tho!

WCCC responds:

I do stuff in game maker studio these days. A good way to hone my familiarity with a second coding language, and a lot more range of freedom than the insanely obscure byproducts i used to make in powerpoint + flashspring.

Not sure if it'd be directly NG capable (IE, an .swf for the portal) but not to say one couldn't link whatever game was made in news post or some such. So far I've built most of an RTS, a shooter/platformer hybrid, and nearly finished tower defense in game maker, so I've definitely been able to prove I can do quite a handful of things with relative ease.

Dunno if you'd still enjoy that the same way, but hey, figured I'd mention.


2016-09-05 20:35:10

well, my question is:

would you be interested in making a RTS game/a shooter/platformer hybrid with clocks/with clock themes?

it would be awesome, and it would attract alot of attention.

WCCC responds:

I can do any genre comfortably, so long as it's 2d. I've been punching code for things big and small for 9 years now, and I've yet to meet any true long-term barriers.


2017-03-28 20:38:41

hey mate, whats up?

are you available for making a clock-themed platformer (either a game where the player(clock) character collects coins and shoots his gun at enemies (or he uses a melee weapon, such as a sword, a club, etc etc), and with each level that he completes, the game progresses into the next scene.
(i could possibly make the cut-scenes/animations).

anyways, let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas+suggestions.
have a nice day!

WCCC responds:

Unfortunately since last we spoke I am inundated in far too many things. Having trouble just keeping workout and my main project (1 hour per 2 days) in the picture. Otherwise I'd lend more of a hand, normally.